Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Countdown to Convention!

I was up before the crack of dawn this morning so I could register for SU's conference. I'm glad to report that I have my registration. So pumped about getting to go!! Now, I just have to work on getting a hotel room (to be continued tomorrow) and finding a decent airfare. Let me digress for a moment about the flight situation: Austin does not offer a direct flight to Salt Lake City. I'm all about direct flights. But, I got over that (seeing as how I'm flying sans screaming children) and was just looking at what was out there....ummm, I understand the concept of a flight that takes stops, but get this: there's a flight from Austin to New York City to Salt Lake??? Hello? Anyone? Bueller? What's up with that? I was (and still am!) totally annoyed.

Let me move on and share a card that I made a while back for my "little" sister's birthday. She turned the big 2-5 in January. I sadly did not get to make anything new today between trips to HEB, WalMart, and Target...I had all sorts of errands to run. Plus, when I got home, all I really wanted to do was knock out, but I had some surprise revising work waiting for me on the project that I turned in last week. No rest for me! Hope you enjoy this card. I liked how it turned out...
I suppose I should go ahead and state the obvious here: I'm not a gifted photographer. Please forgive me for my lack of photography skills and bear with me. I'm trying to work on it...

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Jenn in GA said...

i found one that took me from atl to san francisco before landing in slc! it's crazy!

while you may not be a gifted photographer, you ARE a gifted stamper! way cute card!

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