Tuesday, July 22, 2008

back to normal...?

First off, let me apologize for being so absent here. My July has been insane: lots of back and forth between here and Houston, lots of interviews, lots of house hunting, lots of changes, and then not so many changes (I'll try to explain, I promise, but it's still so confusing for me...), and sadly, not lots of card making! The cards here are some that I had made previously but didn't get a chance to share...they are pretty straight-forward. If you have any questions about them, please leave me a comment or shoot me an email!

I am happy to report though that the last two days have been the most normal days we've had around here in a while! We've been at home and have had a chance to do "regular" things. WHY? We've decided to postpone our move to Houston. We were trying get there so that the girls could start their Montessori school on time, but their start date can be flexible and since Sach is still working from home and I'm about 98% sure that I'll still be working from home doing freelance writing (YAY!!), we have some extra time to get things sorted out properly....AHHHHH.

I promise I'll be back soon with new cards to share! I have a whole box full of new goodies that I haven't even touched yet. That will be remedied, be assured...

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

trying to get all caught up...

Tonight is all about trying to get all caught up with stuff around here. Catching up on blogging (posting here and reading my faves), catching up on laundry (which I discovered I actually can't do because we ran out of fabric softener....), and catching up on DVRed shows (The Bachelorette tonight...yes, I admit that I watch!)...... Anyways, we've actually been back from Houston since Wednesday night, but it takes me a while to really get back into my groove again. And plus yesterday was all funky for us. I'm thinking the stress of our situation is starting to catch up with our bodies. Sach slept in and didn't check email almost all day long (which for him, being a work-at-home-aholic is huge!), I went to lay down for a nap at 1:00 when Jaya went down and didn't wake up until past 5:30 (!) - seriously, that hasn't happened around here for a long, long time. Then I woke up to find that Savi had quietly come downstairs and colored red crayon all over the carpet in our bedroom! She's had the hardest time since we've been back home. I think that all the back and forth, not to mention all this change, is very hard for her and when we're in Houston, she's pretty well-behaved (for Savi) and when we're here, she just has to get all of her naughty out. So, by the time I got the red crayon halfway out of the carpet, we had already missed most of the Fourth of July party we were supposed to go to. At that point, I just called it a day. Sach and I were in bed, ready to sleep at 8:00. What are we, preschoolers??

On to the cards: these are a few that I made before our trip to Houston for some friends we were seeing. Above is a get well card that I made with Splitcoast's color challenge 172 in mind. I really like how the taken with teal, wild wasabi, and whisper white all look together. Definitely a color combo that I will use again...especially since I have a great deal of that awesome polka-dotted Making Memories paper still!

Next are two baby cards. This first one is for Splitcoast's color challenge 171 (kraft, basic black, and soft sky). I have to say I wasn't sure about how this card was going to turn out, but I'm really happy with the end result. It's not your typical baby shower card colors and I like how it worked. The second baby card is more traditional as far as color goes. I had some cute Making Memories paper that I wanted to use that matched well with lavendar lace and pretty in pink. I used Nursery Necessities images for both cards as well as the scallop punch. I actually cut the star out, but just ordered the large star punch so no more crooked lines on stars for me!

Back to personal stuff: we found a house that we like that we can build in a neighborhood that we like in Houston. Now, I just need to find a job!! I've been writing for an educational publisher and it would be my dream to continue to work for them, but they have no grant money to continue right now. Any super-rich people out there with money to invest in some pretty cool educational math and science tools for students?? Email me! Also, I've applied to at least a dozen different schools for teaching jobs, but haven't heard anything yet... I'm hoping principals are just on vacation and that my resume doesn't stink. Then, I just read a whole bunch of inspiring articles in On Stage about demonstrators who make a living and support their families off of sales from Stampin' Up!, but I don't know if I'm cut out for that. Again, anyone out there just want to hire me to make cards for them? I can, and I'd love to! Anyways, sorry! I guess I also needed to catch up on my venting...

As always, thanks for looking! Hope you're having a good long weekend...

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