Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So much to post, so little time!

I am a complete blogging loser! I know. But I think about blogging all the time. If thoughts count, I post all the time... : ) I am behind in so many aspects of my life right now that I am just trying my best to get through days and consider myself lucky when I cross something off of my mile-long to do list. Anyways, I do have lots of catching up to do here, so I'll give a few quick and dirties about things going on here (with some pictures and cards I've made all in between, just in case you like picture books better than chapter books!):

On my girlies: I am currently sandwiched between these two angels in my bed since neither barely slept this afternoon. We are watching a new Wiggles DVD that Jaya and I checked out from the library this morning while Savi was at her dance class. Savi has started a 3-morning-a-week-3-hour-a-day-ballet-tap-gymnastics-program. This is our third week and things are going well except for the occasional and unexpected drop-off drama in which Savi does not want me to leave. Usually, Jaya is crying about wanting to stay with Savi, but the last few days, Savi has been crying. That, in turn, makes me want to cry. Oh, the insanity!

On Convention: Although it feels like forever ago, I thoroughly enjoyed myself at Stampin' Up!'s annual Convention in Salt Lake City. I had such a great time with Jenn and Lydia. They are my stampin' sisters for sure. I really enjoyed the City of Salt Lake and was only asked once how many times I hit the tanning salon to achieve my shade of brown. : ) I ate awesome sushi, learned cool stamping and business techniques, oohed and aahed over the new catalog, met Kristina Werner, and got a break from being a mommy! All good stuff.

On swapping: Since this was my first convention, I thought I'd take a few swaps just to see how the whole thing works. Well, I'm glad I did, but swapping is crazy!! I made 20 of the baby boy card below (see the second picture for how I set up for a mass-production) and 20 3"x3" cards like the one I made in my open house. It's funny though that I think making 40 cards is a mass production (for me it was, though, since it was literally an eleventh hour decision to do so). Some ladies had like 300 cards to swap. CRAZY. I didn't have that kind of time or energy, but I was very happy with my swapping experience. I stayed up until 3:00 am the night before leaving making these, thus the poor lighting in the pictures:

On my job situation: After interviewing for and being offered a teaching job in Houston, I decided that just wasn't the best course of action for my family. I would have had to fully devote myself to work (teaching just isn't a 8-hour-a-day kind of job) and the girls would have been in their school for waaay too many hours a day. I wasn't ready to subject them to that. Also, I got word that I'll have a semi-longterm contract coming up. I still haven't started that work, but had a short contract in August. I so wasn't used to working! It was so hard for me to have the girls at home all day (without naps!) and meet deadlines. I managed by waking up at 5:00 am to get some peaceful work time. That was a feat for a non-morning person as myself.

On moving: Still up in the air! How frustrating!! Well, the move (specifically, the house we move into) depends on the kind of job I have and since I don't know about the contract yet, I don't know about moving yet... That and I believe that when things are meant to happen, they should happen without too many road blocks. All we have had so far on this road to Houston has been road blocks! I've decided to stop pushing and see what happens...

On having a third child: Wow, I know. Sach actually brought this up after I thought it was off the table. I've always wanted a third child...but is it going to be possible??? Will keep you posted!!

On these four cards: This is what we made at my August class. Don't you wish you had come? Email me to find out when my next class will be so you don't miss out!! I used two (of the four!) of the sets that I got at Convention, Inspired by Nature and Eastern Blooms for the three "regular" cards. The popsicle card was an idea I got from a swap and I made it using the Wow Flowers set and scallop punch. These cards were really easy and really fun to make. I used some of the new in colors as well: pirouette pink, kiwi kiss, and baja breeze. Sorry for being sketchy on the card details....the natives are getting restless because the Wiggles DVD just ended! If you want to know any more about the cards, please leave a comment or email me!

Take care!! Leave me a comment to let me know what's been going on with you. : )


Lydia said...

WOW - it was TOTALLY worth the wait!!!! What a great update, gorgeous cards, serious happy convention memory and OMGOSH the pictures of the girls!! How did they get so big in two months!?!? What great pictures!! PLEASE STAY IN AUSTIN.

:) Love ya

Jenn in GA said...

the cards are LOVELY girl, and you have accomplished quite a bit for someone with so much going on!

i agree with lydia and had been thinking about this before she said you should stay. you told me at convention that you have friends from HS that you still are close to. those relationships will not be able to be maintained like they are now if you move, so keep the intangible of friends who know you in mind when making the decision about moving.

love the pics of the girls! don't let savi see you cry when you leave her at dance class. she's fine, you know it, and seeing you cry will only fuel a fire you don't want!

looking forward to getting my bit of snail mail!

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